Kevin Joiner: the voice of "These Days"

Working with Tim Fowler to cast real musicians for our fictitious band, I knew I wanted a voice  that would help make "These Days" a song, not an advertising jingle. Kevin was just the singer I was looking for. I come from the advertising world where many professional "jingle singers" tend to have an overly polished style that sounds a bit too jingly (for lack of a better description). I didn't want a jingle, I wanted a song with a soul. Kevin is an accomplished musician and composer in his own right, but he's not from the advertising world. And that's why he was perfect for this. I wanted a singer who's carved out a life singing in thousands of bars and pubs up and down the East coast. Someone authentic. Someone real. Someone with the kind of soul and musicianship that can't be manufactured, only earned. 

Skeek AllenComment