Tommy Farmer plays Abe's personal Attendant in "Lincoln Gives a Lickin"

For years I've had Tommy's face in my mind. He has such a classic look that really lends itself well to period pieces such as this. The coolest part is that Tommy has spent his career on the other side of the camera as a highly respected Key Grip working on hundreds of commercials and films over the years. And if you think about it, that's why he took so quickly to performing as an actor on this project. He's a fast thinker and problem solver, and he just has a way about him that enables him to connect with people. Any direction I gave him was processed immediately and came out in his character beautifully. As a director, I take tremendous pride in my casts, and Tommy is a perfect example of why that is – because the right individual for the right role makes real magic happen on the screen. 

Skeek AllenComment